Model: IC 102

​In/out management: Can check in/out time of everyone, suit for in/out personnel management
--of all kind of site.
> Time & Attendance: Suit for checking employees' attendance status & doing statistical
--management of corporation, government departments.
> Access control setting: Can set who/when/how can access.
> Opening door by cell phone: Open door by cell phone through WIFI.
> Anti-passback of 1 door: Must swipe card to enter in and only swipe the same card to exit;
--To prevent --people.
> Following enter & exit; Suit for facility with high security requirements.
> Opening door by multi-card: Swipe multiple cards, door will be opened.
> Opening door by first card: Must swipe the first card, the others can enter by swiping their card.
--Suit for -- confidential department.


Metal structure, anti-vandal, more secure, waterproof design.
> Backlight keypad, convenient for operating in night.
> Large capacity: 2,500 users
> Support 3 Modes Access: Card, PIN, Card+PIN.
> Card Type: 125KHz EM, PIN length: 4 digits.
> Operating Voltage: 12-18V AC/12-24V DC.
> Very low power consumption ( ≤35mA), long service life and stable performance.
> Machine code setting: 1-255 can be set as facility codes.
> High speed search: filled with 2,500 users, the search time < 0.1s 
> Manage cards: the manage cards can add/delete the users directly, very convenient
> Wiegand 26 input & output, can work as Wiegand reader/Controller. 
> Protective Properties: IP65 fully-potted. with anti-demolition, alarm function, anti-static
---interference 15KV. 
> Certificate: CE​

Model: S-Key W-w

Aluminum alloy structure, waterproof, fully potted, confirms to IP65. 
> Built-in 125KHz (EM&HID card) reader: sKey W-w H&EM Or 13.56MHz
--(IC&CPU card, ISO14443A) reader: sKey W-w M
> Anti tamper, antistatic 15KV
> Digital backlit keypad. The back light can be set to Normal ON, Normal OFF 
--or Automatic mode. 
> Door bell function.
> Multi-function, operating as slave reader, single door, anti-pass back, etc, 
--suitable for various occasions.

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Sebury W1-A model: 

Metal structure, anti-vandal, more secure , waterproof design .
> Protective properties: IP65 fully-potted.
> Backlight keypad.
> Two-relay operation.
> Pulse mode, toggle mode.
> Up to 1,200 users (Zone 1:1,100 users & Zone 2:100 users).
> Support 3 Modes Access: Card, PIN, Card+PIN.
> Card Type: 125KHz EM, PIN length: 4-8 digits.
> Operating Voltage: 12-18V AC/12-24V DC.
> Support done bell connection (Zone 2).
> Very low power consumption ( ≤35mA), long service life and stable performance.
> Application for High-Security Places: warehouses, banks, prisons, etc.
> High Speed Search: filled with 1,200 users, the search time < 0.1 seconds.
> With anti-demolition alarm function, anti-static interference 15KV. 
> Product Certification: CE

Wi-Fi door bell:

fix it outside your home or gate 

  • Connects with your Wi-Fi
  • Comes with an application through which you can check who is on the door, you can take their pictures, talk to them, unlock the gate or make their videos.

Model: F007EM-II

> Metal structure, anti-vandal, simple & safe design.
> Supports fingerprint & ID card.
> Using the dark background imaging technique, make the dry/wet fingerprints are always
---easy to be recognized in the variant light conditions except the direct solar radiation. 
> Can add / delete the users’ fingerprints by manager fingerprints/cards very quickly.
> Infrared remote control for programming.
> Anti-magnetic, prevent opening door by magnetic illegally.
> Built-in PIR (passive infrared) to wake up the device from sleep mode. 
> With Wiegand 26 input & output.
> Supports: inter-connected; inter-locked, door ajar, forced, shunt, monitor, and secure mode. 
> Compliant with CE certificate.​