Register to TST for Activation and credits click here

​Register to TST for Activation and credits click here


Jtag BOX anf JTAG finder in one box , find and repair , forget about broken jtag pads
Ability to run all Z3X software with box (PC/SC-CCID USB Reader onboard)
Latest Android Samsung phones support , not matter hom much cores inside 
LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support , fast recovery after wrong unlocks
Wide Anycall phones support repair them in few minutes

Latest HTC and Sony Ericsson support , repair , unlock , rebrand them
Wide range of other hardware platforms like ZTE HUAWEI AMOI and others.


New ATF NITRO Box Released! Pre-Activated! Introducing the new ATF Nitro Pre-Activated Boxes... The latest addition to ATF Team's Super Fast FBUS Flasher Family. Now Pre-Activated and Ready to work with The ATF Network. Just connect it to your USB Port and you will be ready to Rule the World of Nokia Phones

CS-Tool Dongle

Read hardware/software info,Read full firmware (including user content),Format phone,Factory default settings,IMEI repair,Network lock,Read/reset phones locks,Read/write flash (up to 64 GB)

Octopus Box Samsung + LG Edition with Optimus Cable Set

Octopus LG + Samsung Edition lets you perform Flash/Unlock/Repair operations with LG & Samsung cell phones with Octopus Box service tool. At the moment Octopus is one of the most updatable and functional solutions available on the market. It features a wide range of service operations for most of LG & Samsung cell phones, has a multilingual software interface and lots of additional functions, available for various mobile operating systems.
Supports almost all 2011-2015 phone models.

Smart-Clip 2 Basic Set with Packs 1, 2, 3, 4 Activated.Smart-Clip2 Basic Set with Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3 and Pack 4 pre-activated is a universal service solution for cell phones and smartphones based on MTK, Qualcomm, Broadcom and TI platforms, not tied to a specific model list. Supports more than 4900 cell phone models manufactured by Alcatel, Acer, Motorola, Huawei, ZTE, Vodafone, Lenovo and other phone makers.


Samsung mobile phones support
ZTE mobile phones support
Alcatel mobile phones support
Huawei mobile phones support
Huawei Modems support

Terms: These items are only for educational purpose and Yasi Tech in anyway is not responsible for its commercial or illegal usage. 

We provide all activation and credit transfer

1) Sigma Pack 1 Activation

2) Sigma Pack 2 Activation

3) Z3X Pro Activation

4) ATF JITAG Activation

5) Volcano Mirapi Activation

6) Chimera Tool Activation

​7) Z3X LG Activatiob

8) Octopus Sony Activation


Alphabetical phone model selection 
Displays information about required cable on selecting phone model 
Automatic flash file selection for Sysol,Swift and Zxxx flashing 
Read info from all supported models  Read All unlock codes: NCK,MCK,NSCK,SCK,PCK, etc. 
 Direct (Fast) Unlock All type of Locks 
 Re-Lock a Samsung phone to a network 
 High speed Flashing , Read/Write EEPROM 
 Read/Write FULL FLASH -Super fast USB flashing mode available for Agere phones 

Z3X box

z3x-box #1 tool for samsung phones and GSM solutions.
Our products are activation based.
You don’t need to pay for all futures – just those that you need.
In any time you can activate needed future to your box.

XTC 2 Clip - Main Features: 
Unlock SIM lock,Relock phone,Repair CID, including super-CID,Repair IMEI (IMEI2 for dual SIM phones),Repair MEID (for dual SIM phones)Change security level (S-ON/S-OFF, allows you to run unsigned code, perform service actions, etc.),Downgrade / upgrade firmware,Support for legacy phones (gold-card analog),Many other functions you may need from time to time

Octoplus Box Samsung + LG + JTAG Activated with Optimus Cable Set + JIG Set Direct unlock,All locks reset,Firmware update,Read/write FullFlash and Calibration data files,Read firmware version,Full factory reset,LG 3G-Cyon-Show-FOMA phones support,Any call phones support,Repair IMEI,Read Boot/Flash,Write Boot/Flash,Erase Boot/Flash,Repair Boot/Flash,Multilingual software interface: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hungarian